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Read this first BEFORE you register!! / Registration Difficulties?
« Last post by adminboy on September 19, 2018, 03:57:00 PM »
If you have submitted a registration and you have not received a response within 24 hours (it shouldn't take that long, really), or you have received a response that you have been approved and you still cannot access the forum, then please do the following:

send an email to and describe the error message, if any that you have received, and the user name that you registered with.

Include in your message, EVERYTHING You did to register.  Did you Ensure that YOU Filled in EVERY BLOCK on your registration.  There cannot be any open or empty blocks, each one must be filled out properly and correctly.  Ensure you put in the Correct E-mail address created for the Academy.

i will endeavor to correct the problem as quickly as possible.

devoted admin boy of the Stables
Read this first BEFORE you register!! / The MEMBERS LIST is a quick Guide to the Academy. But Start here.
« Last post by adminboy on September 17, 2018, 02:01:23 PM »
Welcome to the Academy Stables for the Miss Matrix Academy
This forum is designed for discussions and interactions between the Academy's Staff, DC Dommes, and enrolled submissives (sub males), and all  interested guests, as well as for the Maintaining of Members Profiles, Student Transcripts, GTD Expirations and information about all members of the Academy.   All Discussions and postings are Monitored for not only Content and Quality but for Respectfulness to all others.

To access the main area of the forum, please register using the following guidelines.

If You are an Academy Domme Corp Domme, please register using Your persona from the Academy, and it will be my honor to approve Your registration.  For example: MissMatrix, or GoddessCerru.  To prevent any mayhem from someone trying to usurp Your identity, You can also email, to speed up my response, i will also reach out to You, to be certain it is you that have requested the access.

If You are an interested Guest Domme, and wish to simply learn more, or discuss becoming a member by conversing with the DC Dommes, Please register with a username that begins with 'Guest' followed by the username you wish to use.   For example: GuestMissPilar.   

If you are an enrolled boy, that is one that inhabits the stables, please register with your number, and name.  For example: 10341mouse*, or 10002darla.

If you are a submissive that is curious about becoming an enrolled submissive, please register with a username that begins guest followed by a name you choose.  For example:  guestsubboy, or guestmabel.   

Once your registration is acted on, which i endeavor to be very quick about, You will be granted appropriate access to the areas of the board necessary.

All Approved enrolleeís whether they be Members of the Domme Corps or enrolled submale boys are Fully Responsible for Immediately Completing a PROPER PROFILE, which must include an actual birthdate, and a precise short BIO about YOU and YOUR INTEREST IN THE ACADEMY.  There are several very good examples for both boys and DCís under the Members section that you may wish to look at for guidance.

The Academy Stables for the Miss Matrix Academy Forum, REQUIRES ALL DCís and boys to LOG IN on a minimum of once per week, but more often if able to do so, to check for PM Messages, Topics of Conversations and for the Dissemination of Important Information.  All Log inís are Tracked and Monitored for Compliance. 

Thank Y/you for taking the time to read this.   If there are any problems with registration, Y/you can email

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